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Just Tap It Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Just Tap It Tech?
Just Tap It Tech is an enabling technology that uses NFC to see the unseen.

What is NFC?
“NFC” stands for Near Field Communication; NFC technology enables the wireless transfer of small amounts of data from a passive (battery-less) tag to a powered reader.

Why NFC?
We want the process to be as easy as possible. Using the NFC gives us the power to show you the unseen with out the requirement of downloading a app(available for iOS 11 and Android: iPhone 7 or newer; Android devices with NFC capability). 

How is NFC used in Just Tap It Technology?
For Just Tap It Tech, the user’s smartphone powers the NFC tag in the EyeSee Logo so the tag can securely send its identifying information to your device and launch the relevant experience.

What information does the NFC tag contain?

  • The NFC tag contains its unique NFC ID and a URL that tells your device which Just Tap It Tech experience to launch.

  • In House, the unique NFC ID is paired to the product code, which contains the Just Tap It Unseen Story

  • The NFC tag does NOT contain any consumer information.

Does the NFC tag have a battery? If not, how does it work?
No. NFC tags are passive, meaning they function without a battery. The NFC tag has an antenna that captures energy from the NFC reader (the user’s smartphone) to power up the tag and allow it to send the data on the tag back to the reader.

Is the NFC tag durable? Can I wash it?
We have performed wash and wear tests, we highly suggest to machine wash cold and air dry all Just Tap It Tech Product will able. 

Is it OK to wear through airport security/arena security?
Yes. No issues are expected at airport security or arena security.

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